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What is TOLC?

The TOLC (Test On Line CISIA) is a test administered online in one of the university centres that participate to the TOLC.

From 2018 it is also possible to take the TOLC in English.

To enrol in the first year of a University course, most Italian universities require students to take an orientation and evaluation test to determine aptitude and preparation. In some cases, the test can be used to limit the access to certain University courses that accept a limited number of students.

From 2018 there are two types of English-TOLCs:
English TOLC – I: it consists of questions in English from the following areas: Mathematics, Logical Reasoning, Sciences and Reading Comprehension
English TOLC – E: it consists of questions in English from the following areas: Logical Reasoning, Reading Comprehension and Mathematics

Based on the results obtained in the English TOLC, students may be asked to participate in supplementary courses, may be given Additional Educational Requirements (OFA, Obblighi Formativi Aggiuntivi in Italian) or may have to take preliminary exams during their Course of study depending on the course attended.