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News 29 Luglio 2020

Come funziona il TOLC@CASA?

Per avere una risposta ai dubbi sul TOLC@CASA consulta le nostre FAQ: Come funziona...

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Test evaluation

TOLC-E Is an individual test, different from candidate to candidate, and consists of automatically and casually selected questions. All generated tests are similarly difficult.

The outcome of each individual Tes, is determined by the number of questions answered right, wrong or unanswered which make up the total score as follows:  1 point for each correct answer, 0 points for each unanswered question and a  penalty of 0.25 points  for each incorrect answer.

Universities participating in the TOLC-E may transform the total score obtained by each student according to their evaluation system by choosing which sections to consider and indicating their threshold.

To find out about the various thresholds for each participating university to the TOLC-E please consult the calls for entrance of each university.