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Before you start the ARCHED TEST @HOME

Before you start ARCHED TEST @HOME please make sure:

  • You have read the start time of the ARCHED TEST @HOME indicated on the Payment and enrolment receipt that you can download from “Manage bookings” in the CISIA test reserved area;
  • You have uploaded in your CISIA test reserved area:
  • The photo: from View/Edit personal data (tutorial How to upload the photo in the CISIA test reserved area);
  • The identity document: in Manage bookings (pencil icon);
  • You have set up the room and have all the devices as indicated in ARCHED TEST @HOME test room configuration, testing and network requirements; you have carried out the TOLC simulations in the Practice placement area as a technical test on the PC on which you will take the test to check whether the devices (PC and Internet connection) work properly;
  • You have deactivated the antivirus and disabled automatic system updates on your PC and closed all applications;
  • You have JavaScript and cookies enabled in your browser;
  • You have disabled phone calls (or enabled call forwarding) and notifications on all the applications installed on your mobile device;
  • You have downloaded the ZOOM application on your mobile device (you do not need to create a personal account);
  • You have a QR Code reader on your mobile device.


You will take the ARCHED TEST on the PC and you will enter the virtual test room and capture the room you are in with your mobile device (smartphone or tablet with video camera).

How to start the ARCHED TEST @HOME

To start the ARCHED TEST @HOME:

  1. At least 10 minutes before the ARCHED TEST start time, indicated on the Payment and enrolment receipt, access your CISIA test reserved area from your PC
  2. At the ARCHED TEST start time, click on the “START ARCHED TEST @HOME” button, which will appear on the day of the test in the homepage of the CISIA test reserved area:
    – a screen with a QR code will appear; with the camera of your mobile device capture the QR code to access the virtual test room through the ZOOM application (read How to use zoom)
    – you will receive an e-mail with a link through which you can access the virtual test room, as an alternative to the QR code
  3. From the PC screen a verification code will appear to show to the test room supervisor


In questa immagine è rappresentato il riquadro in cui appare il codice di controllo e il QR CODE per accedere all'aula virtuale. Il codice di controllo dovrà essere mostrato attraverso il proprio dispositivo mobile alla commissione durante il riconoscimento

Verification code will appear to show to the test room supervisor

Accessing the virtual test room
maximum of 25 – 30 participants can be present in the virtual test room. The session will be recorded.
During the ARCHED TEST, the Test Room Commission, which can be constituted by 1 ore more supervisors or if necessary by CISIA staff, will guide and control the test.
The participant’s microphone can be switched on and off only by the test room commission.

Please wait for the test room commission to call you.

Follow the Commission’s instructions and with your mobile device:

  1. Show your face
  2. Show that the clothing you are wearing cannot hide objects
  3. Show the desk where you can have only blank sheets of paper, a pen and the PC on which you will take the test
  4. Show the room in which you will take the test: it should be a quiet environment, with no other people and properly lit; the door to the room must be shut
  5. Show the verification code that appears on your PC
  6. Wait for the words user identified to appear on the verification code: it means that the identification has been successful and that you can take the ARCHED TEST @HOME

    In questa immagine è rappresentato il riquadro in cui appare il codice di controllo e il QR CODE per accedere all'aula virtuale

    Identification has been successful

  7. Following the instructions of the test room commission, place your mobile device on the support behind youat a 45° angle to the desk

    In questa immagine è rappresentato come posizionare il dispositivo mobile alle proprie spalle (con un angolazione di 45°) con la fotocamera che inquadra la porta di accesso

    Configuration room

  8. Wait until all participants have completed the identification process
  9. Listen carefully and read the instructions to use the client (program) on which the test is carried out
  10. Wait for the commission to start the ARCHED TEST .

Once the identification phase has been completed, the test room commission will start the ARCHED TEST .

The ARCHED TEST will be finished once you click on the “Complete” button.


Should you encounter any kind of problems, need assistance or have doubts, you can communicate with the commission by clicking on the “ raise hand ” button: a request for help will be sent to the Supervisor who may communicate by opening a chat directly with the participant.

Opening the chat will temporarily interrupt the ARCHED TEST. The conversation in the chat will be recorded.

The Commission may request, at any time, participants to do a full video and audio check of the room, interrupting the test for the necessary time.

On the test day, you are required to respect the rules of conduct as explained in Technical specifications for students to enrol and participate in the TEST ARCHED that you approved when you booked your test. In particulary, for the whole period of the test:

  • You can’t use headsets, earphones, Google Glass, microphones, speakers
  • You can’t open and use any application on your PC except for the CISIA TOLC client (program)
  • You must remain silent and keep your mobile device camera and microphone always turned on

The Virtual Test Room Supervisors will ensure the compliance of the rules, before and during the test, also randomly. In the event of irregularities, test could be invalidated.


At the end of the ARCHED TEST you will be able to view the score obtained, total and for each section.
The certificate with the result will be available in the reserved area, under Results.