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TOLC registration

TOLC registration – Before registering: 


How to create an account in the CISIA test reserved area  

Have this information handy:     

  • your personal details (name, surname, date and place of birth)   
  • your tax code (if you do not have a tax code, check the box “non in possesso di codice fiscale” [I do not have a tax code])   
  • your personal e-mail address   
  • Select the high school of origin   
  • enter your mobile phone number   
  • upload a picture of yourself, preferably passport-size   
  • if you are a student with DSA or a disability, include your certification   


Then, follow these steps:   

  • go to the CISIA TEST reserved area sign-up page 
  • enter the data requested    
  • specify whether you are a student with DSA or a disability    
  • read and accept, when asked, the information on the use of personal data and the processing of special categories of personal data (if applicable)  
  • make sure that your picture displays correctly  
  • before completing the procedure, make sure all the data entered are correct and in particular check the e-mail address you entered, since it will be used for all communications.  


Check your e-mail. We will send you:    

  • username and password to access the CISIA test reserved area;    
  • the activation link that you must click to confirm your account. 


Why reading the admission notice?  

 It is important to read the admission notice for the university degree course of your interest (available on the university website) to check:    

  • the type of TOLC requested    
  • the expiry date by which the TOLC must be taken    
  • the test mode accepted: “TOLC at university” or “TOLC@HOME
  • the procedures to follow to access your course of studies  


To learn how to register in TOLC at university, visit the page Registering in TOLC at university.    

To learn how to register in TOLC@HOME visit the page Registering in TOLC@HOME.     

For more information on how the test will take place, visit the page on your TOLC test day.