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Registering in TOLC@HOME

How to book a TOLC@CASA?  


1)Read the guide to learn which requirements you need to meet to take a TOLC@CASA 

2)Check the dates in “TOLC@CASA” mode:   

  • click on the Available dates of the TOLC window of your interest   
  • click on the mode column to display the available dates for the at home test (if available at that time)   
  • to book, choose a date compatible with the deadlines specified in the admission notice for the course of studies of your interest, even if it is organised by a location of the university other than the one where you wish to continue your studies. 


3) login to your account in the CISIA Test reserved area:  

  • choose the type and TOLC@HOME mode  
  • upload a front and back image of your ID document showing with your face and personal details clearly and legibly displayed (if you have already booked a TOLC in the past, you will not be asked to do so)  
  • read and accept the TOLC Participants Regulations 2022   
  • read and accept the terms and conditions of service   
  • choose your method of payment for the 30 euros fee. You may choose to pay by credit card, or MAV bank wire transfer (prepaid or reloadable cards are NOT accepted)   
  • select from the drop-down menu the region where you wish to take the TOLC (this may be a different region from the one where the university you wish to attend is located)    
  • choose the city/location where you wish to take the test   
  • choose the test date (you will only see the TOLC dates available for open registration)   
  • specify – for statistical purposes only – in which university degree course you would like to enrol (this information is non-binding).  


Once you have booked your TOLC@HOME test, the payment and booking receipt (which you can download from the Booking Management section) will state: 

  • test date   
  • time of access to the virtual classroom on ZOOM   
  • Test code (to receive telephone assistance on the day of the TOLC)  


Attention! The receipt for your TOLC@HOME can be downloaded from the Booking Management section only after having:    

  • logged in the Practice area   
  • downloaded the SEB from the Practice area  
  • carried out a simulation with SEB before the day of the TOLC   
  • upload your picture in the CISIA test area (if you did not upload it during registration, you can do so by clicking on view/edit personal data 

Remember that booking and taking a TOLC test does not mean enrolling in the university degree course of your interest. You must always read and meet the deadlines and procedures detailed in the admission notice to access your course.   

The location you choose to take a TOLC@HOME is not binding:    

  • you can register for an open TOLC date in any location, even if you wish to study elsewhere later on    
  • you can use the result of your test to access all the university degree courses in Italy that accept the same TOLC type.    

For more information on how the test will take place, visit the page On your TOLC@CASA test day.