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What’s a TOLC?

The TOLC stands for Test OnLine CISIA. It is a test to enrol in a degree course that requires an evaluation of prior knowledge before enrolment. The knowledge to be evaluated depends on the chosen degree course.

The TOLC is different for every student and is made up of questions selected from the CISIA TOLC database. All TOLCs of the same type have a similar or comparable level of difficulty. There are 10 types of TOLC. The full list is available here.

What is it used for?

The TOLC is used to:

  • Evaluate the basic knowledge required to successfully undertake university studies
  • Guide students in choosing their most suitable university path

It can also be used as a selection test for local degree courses with limited access.

Based on the result achieved in the TOLC, universities can indicate to students which additional courses to take and assign Additional Formative Requirements (OFA, Obblighi Formativi Aggiuntivi) to be addressed, or also establish prerequisites within the curricular examinations.


Where and when can I take a TOLC?

There are two formats in which the TOLC is delivered:

  • You can take it in university classrooms (TOLC at the university);
  • You can take it at home in the TOLC@HOME format, created for the covid-19 national health emergency.

The TOLC can be taken at any university, even if it is different from the one in which you want to enrol.

The full calendar for the current year can be found here.


Before booking the TOLC

Before booking a TOLC, carefully read the calls and notices for admission for the university degree course you are interested in (available on the university website) to verify:

  • The type of entrance test required (if a TOLC, check which type of TOLC);
  • The delivery format accepted: TOLC at university or TOLC@HOME.

It is important to understand whether your chosen university degree course accepts the result of a TOLC@HOME or only that of a TOLC taken in a university classroom. For this information, please refer to the University website. For example: a university may accept the result of a TOLC-I only taken in a university classroom or only through a TOLC@HOME or accept both formats.

If you are taking a TOLC in a university classroom


If you are taking a TOLC@HOME:


To book a TOLC you will need to register to the CISIA student area. In order to take the test, there is a 30 Euro fee that can be paid with credit card or MAV bank payment slip.

You can take a TOLC of the same type once a calendar month: this rule is for TOLC taken at home and/or at the university.

Once you have taken the TOLC, if you’ve followed the procedure stated in the admission notice of the university of your interest or its website, the university will get your result by your tax code.

What’s a TOLC? (English subtitles)

TOLC utility

If taken in advance of enrollment dead-line, the TOLC can be an useful orientation and self-assessment tool as it can be repeated once a calendar month and booked at any university centre.

Watch the video “TOLC utility