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The day of the TOLC

The TOLC (see the What’s the TOLC page) can be taken in two formats:

  • In university classrooms (TOLC at the university);
  • At home with the TOLC@HOME format, (created for the covid-19 national health emergency).

If you have enrolled in a TOLC at the university, please read what to do on the day of the TOLC at the university.

If you have enrolled in a TOLC@HOME, please read what to do and how to start the test on the day of the TOLC@HOME, and don’t forget to:

  • download and install SEB, the browser you need to carry out the TOLC. You can download it for free from the TOLC practice area
  • run at least one TOLC simulation with SEB no later than the day before the test (otherwise you will not be able to participate in the TOLC)

For more information on how to enrol in a TOLC, please refer to the How to enrol in a TOLC page