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TOLC: Exercises and simulations

How can I prepare for a TOLC?
The first thing to do to prepare for a TOLC is to understand which one to take. You will find this information on the university degree course you are interested in.
Once you know which TOLC to take, learn about the subjects (topics) that make up the TOLC, that is the syllabus of knowledge that you are required to study:


What is MOOC?
MOOC are courses that you can access freely to improve your knowledge.

How can I practice for a TOLC?

Use the simulations in the TOLC practice area. Access after you having registered and download the following practice materials:

  • tests with solved and commented questions;
  • self-learning mentor;
  • sample tests.


If you need to take a TOLC in the TOLC@HOME format, please practice the TOLC simulations you can find in the TOLC practice area. Do this as a technical test on the laptop you will use for the TOLC. This will help you understand whether your devices have the necessary requirements (laptop and stable internet connection) to carry out the TOLC@HOME, as indicated in the document  TEST@HOME test room configuration, testing and network requirements.