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For the Academic year 2021/2022, the assessment test of the Italian language of the students from non-European countries who are applying for a visa and want to enroll in a university in Italy, is managed by each Italian university, according the Interministerial Circular.

Many of acceding universities required CISIA for support for supplying the ITALIAN L2 test (hereinafter ITA-L2 test)

The test could be held following either  procedures: at home (@HOME) – that is at the students’ home- or at the university.Each university can choose their own procedure, as also stated it in their admission notice.

How to book an ITA-L2 test


If you need to book an ITA-L2 test, please refer to your university web site.

If your university requires an ITA-L2 test, consult the DATE list page and check:

  • on what day you need to take the test;
  • what procedure is required: at home (TEST@HOME) or at the university;
  • booking dealines.


How to get ready for the ITA-L2 test


The syllabus, that is all the subjects, required for taking the ITA-L2 test are listed on this page “Structure and Syllabus for the ITA-L2 test