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Structure and syllabus ITA-L2 TEST

Structure for the ITA-L2 test


The ITA-L2 TEST is composed of 3 parts  (listening, reading and linguistic structures) for a total of 48 questions.

The listening and reading sections consist of multiple-choise questions: each multi-choice question has three alternative answers of which only one is the correct answer; the questions of the linguistic structures section consist of drop-down menus with three alternatives, of which only one is the correct choice. In the linguistic structures section there are four texts to complete with the correct alternatives.


LISTENING (2 extracts) 14 30 minutes
READING (2 extracts) 14 30 minutes
LINGUISTIC STRUCTURES (4 texts) 20 30 minutes
TOTAL 48 90 minutes

Time available is restricted for each section, that is you have a certain amount of time (and no more than that) for each section; you can move to the following section even if there is some time left in the current section.

For statistical purposes and for the steady enhancement of the supplied service, you will be given an explorative questionnaire on your Italian language proficiency.

Evaluation of the ITA-L2 test


Forty-eight (48) points is the maxium score that you can get and it is calculated as follow:

  • +1 point for each correct answer
  • 0 point for each not-given answer and each incorrect answer


If you need more info on how it works and how to book the test, please refer to the page ITA-L2 web page.