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ITA-L2 test LOGO

Before taking the ITA-L2@HOME test

A week before the test, you receive an email containing:

  • general instructions on how the test will be carried out;
  • a link to a form where you have to upload their valid ID document, which will be the same document required on the day of the test.


Before taking the ITA-L2@HOME test please make sure:

  • you have wired headphones/ earphones (only for listening activity) otherwise you could NOT take the test
  • you have checked the starting time of the the ITA-L2@HOME test
  • you have carried out the simulations in the “Practice area“on the computer you will use on the day as a technical test to check if devices (computer and Internet connection) work properly;
  • you have set up the room and have all the devices as required in “The ITA-L2@HOME test room configuration, testing and network requirements”;


On you PC, please make sure that:

  • antivirus and automatic system updates on your PC are disactivated and all applications are closed;
  • JavaScript and cookies are enabled in the browser;
  • You are using one of these browsers:Google Chrome, Microsoft Edge, Mozilla Firefox. (You can’t use Internet Explorer or Safari)
  • If you are using Google Chrome, the function “Traslation” is disabled: from the menu Settings>Advanced>Languages> Offer to translate pages that aren’t in a language you read.


in questa immagine viene descritto come disabilitare la funzione di traduzione di google chrome


On your device (smartphone or tablet), please make sure that:

  • phone calls and notifications from all the applications that are installed are disabled. You can enable call forwarding, instead
  • you have downloaded the ZOOM application (remember: you do not need to create a personal account);
  • you have a QR Code reader


During the ITA-L2@HOME test, the battery charger of your mobile devices (and of your computer it it is a laptop) must be at your hand!

The ITA-L2 test can be taken only on the computer while you need to use the videocamera of your mobile device for entering the virtual test room and for showing your room when required  .


How to start the ITA-L2@HOME test

For starting the ITA-L2@HOME test

  1. go to your CISIA Student Area page;
  2. at the starting time of the test, enter the username and password received by email on the day of the test;

    mostra le stringhe per inserire nome utente e password che si ricevono per mail il giorno del test

    Enter your username and password in this form

  1. when the QR code appears, capture it with the camera of your mobile device and access the ZOOM virtual test room. If the QR code reading is not successfull, enter the virtual test room using the link you received by e-mail. You can also refer to the guide “How to use ZOOM”;
  2. finally, the control code (codice di controllo) appears on the computer screen: you need to show it to the Test Room Supervisor when required.

Inquadra il Qr code per accedere all'aula virtuale ZOOM e comunica il codice di controllo visualizzato al commissario

The QR code and the control code

Entering the virtual test room

For entering the virtual test room, you need to read the QR code displayed on the screen using the mobile device equipped with Zoom app and a QR code reader.Alternatively, you can use the link sent by email: open your mail directly from the mobile device and activate the link from there.

A maximum of 25 – 30 candidates can be present in the virtual test room. The session will be recorded. 

During the test, the Test Room Commission, (composed of one or more supervisors or, if necessary, by the CISIA staff) will manage and control the test.All candidate’s microphone can be switched on or off only by the Test Room Commission.

The Identification process

Please wait until the Test Room Commission calls your name

Follow the Commission’s instructions and with your mobile device:

  1. Show your face;
  2. Show that the clothing you are wearing cannot hide objects;
  3. Show the desk where you can have only the computer on which you will take the test, blank sheets of paper, a pen and wired headphones/ earphones. Use of headphones is allowed only in the listening activity and it is not possible to replace the use of headphones with PC speakers;
  4. Show the room in which you are taking the test: it should be a quiet environment, without anyone else and properly lit. Doors must be shut.
  5. Show the control code (codice di controllo) that appears on your computer screen
  6. Wait for the message “User identified” to appear: this means that the identification has been successful and you can take the ITA-L2@HOME test).

    Inquadra con lo smartphone il Qrcode per accedere all'aula ZOOM e comunica il codice al commissario. Quando sari validato la tua schermata sarà di colore verde

  7. following the instructions of the Test Room Commission and place your mobile device on the support behind you, at a 45° angle to the desk;

    In questa immagine è rappresentato come posizionare il dispositivo mobile alle proprie spalle (con un angolazione di 45°) con la fotocamera che inquadra la porta di accesso

    How place the mobile device

  8. Wait until the identification process has been completed;
  9. Carefully, listen and read the instructions on how to use the client (program) on which the test is carried out
  10. Wait for the commission to start the ITA-L2@HOME test.
  11. Once the identification phase has been completed, the Test Room Commission will start the ITA-L2@HOME test.


il logo di ITA-L2

The ITA-L2@HOME test is finished once you click on the “Complete” button .

During the ITA-L2 @HOME test

Should you encounter any kind of problems, need assistance or have doubts, you can communicate with the commission by clicking on the “Raise hand” button: a request for help will be sent to the Commission who may communicate with you by directly opening a chat.

Clicca sull'icona della MANO per parlare in chat con il commissario

Click on the “Raise hand” button if you need to talk to a supervisor.

Opening the chat will temporarily interrupt the ITA-L2@HOME test. The conversation in chat will be recorded and it will be   only way to communicate to the Commission during the test.

At any time, the Commission may requests candidates to do a full check of video and audio in the room, interrupting the test for the necessary time.

As a student with a special need or with any kind of disability, you may have been recognised by university the right to use a no-scientific calculator, which can be directly used from the client of the ITA-L2@HOME test

Clicca sull'icona CALCOLATRICE per accedere alla calcolatrice

Calculator as support for taking the test, authorized by university.

Once you’ve finished the test, click on the button your final total score and the scores for each section will be displayed on the screen.

You can leave the virtual room from ZOOM, clicking on the button “Leave”

show the button you click to leave the ZOOM virtual room

How to leave virtual room

You must take the ITA-L2@HOME test completely in silence, respecting the other candidates. You need to keep silent even when you leave the virtual test room (without greeting in order not to disturb who is still taking the test). In case of doubts, once you’ve finished, you can communicate with the Commission using the ZOOM chat

On the test day, you are required to respect the rules of conduct, in particulary, for the whole period of the test:

  • you can use headsets, earphones, only if connected by wire to the computer, and just during the Listening section, as required by the procedure;
  • you can’t Google Glass, microphones, speakers;
  • you can’t open and use any application on your computer except for the CISIA client (program);
  • you must remain silent and keep your mobile device camera and microphone always turned on;

The Virtual Test Room Commission will ensure the compliance of the rules, before and during the test, also randomly. In the event of irregularities, test could be invalidated.

After the ITA-L2@HOME test

At the end of the ITA-L2@HOME test, you will be able to view your total score, splitted for each section.

For more info regarding your result document, please contact your university.

In the time between the end of the test and the publication of the rankings, the universities can access the recordings of the session verify the correct execution of the tests, as well as take into consideration the reports of any anomalous behavior in the use of applications by CISIA.