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For the Academic year 2021/2022, different acceding universities asked CISIA to supply the PSYCHOLOGY test (hereinafter PSI test) in order to evaluate student’s knowledge for all the degrees in the Psychology area (class L-24).

The test could be held following either the home procedure @HOME– at the students’s home- or at the university.

Each university can choose their own procedure, as also stated in their admission notice.

How to book a PSI test


If you want to enroll on a L-24 degree, we suggest you consult your university web site to get and learn the correct admission test procedure.

If the university you are interested to enrol at requires a PSY test, consult the DATE LIST page and check:

  • on what day you need to take the test;
  • what procedure is required: at home (@HOME) or at the university;
  • booking dealines.


You must take (and book) the PSI test at the same university you want to enrol at. If you are interested in more than one, you can take (and book) the test in each of them but pay attention not to book it on the same day.


For example:

  • If you are interested in University A and University B and they provide you with PSI test in different dates, then you could and should book for both a PSI test for University A and for an PSI test for University B
  • If you are interested in University A and University B but they provide you with an PSI test, occurring in the same date, then you have to choose for one of these two universities.


You could use the result obtained in the PSI test only to enroll at the university in which you took the test.


How to get ready for the PSY test

The syllabus, that is all the subjects, required for taking the PSY test are listed on this page “Structure and Syllabus of PSI TEST”.