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Enrolling in a TOLC at the university

To enrol in a TOLC you must first register to the TOLC personal area to create your own account.

You will need to enter the following information:

  • Personal details (name, surname, date and place of birth);
  • Tax code;
  • Personal email address;
  • Secondary school of origin;
  • Mobile number;
  • A passport size photo;
  • Documents that certify a learning disability (LD) or other type of disability, if you have one.

To register to the TOLC personal area, please follow the following steps:

  1. Enter the required information;
  2. Read and accept the information on how CISIA processes personal data;
  3. Read and accept the processing of particular categories of personal data;
  4. Indicate whether you are a student with a learning disability (LD) or other type of disability.

Once we have received all information, we will send you an e-mail to your personal address which will contain:

  • Credentials to access the CISIA student area;
  • Activation string (link) on which you must click to confirm the registration to the CISIA student area.

Please note: If you enter your credentials directly in the SIGN IN area without first clicking on the activation string received by e-mail, you will not be able to enter the reserved area.

How do I access the CISIA student area?

Once your profile has been activated, you will be able to access the CISIA student area, from which you can:

  1. Enrol in a TOLC;
  2. View or edit your personal information;
  3. Download the MAV bank payment slip to pay a 30 Euro fee, that can be paid at the bank, at an enabled tobacconist or through home banking;
  4. Check the status of payment and download the Payment and enrolment receipt;
  5. See the results of a test, once you have taken it;
  6. Access the Basic Mathematics MOOC

How do I book a TOLC?

Before booking a TOLC, carefully read the calls and notices for admission for the university degree course you are interested in (available on the university website) to verify:

  • The type of entrance test required (if a TOLC, check which type of TOLC);
  • The delivery format accepted: TOLC in university classrooms (TOLC at university) or TOLC at home (TOLC@HOME).

The TOLC can be taken at any university, even if it is different from the one in which you want to enrol.

Login the CISIA student area and choose the type of TOLC and the format.
For a TOLC at university, you must:

  1. Read and accept TOLC regulations for partecipants;;
  2. Read and accept the terms and conditions of use of the service;
  3. Choose how to pay the 30 Euro fee (credit card or MAV bank payment slip);
  4. Select from the drop-down menu the region in which you want to take the TOLC;
  5. Select the city/centre in which you want to take the TOLC;
  6. Select the date of the test (you will be able to see only the dates in which you can enrol);
  7. Indicate to which university degree course you intend to enrol (only for statistical purposes).

Please notethis procedure will not enrol you in a university degree course, it will only book the test.

How do I pay for the TOLC?

To complete your enrolment in the TOLC you can pay with:

  • Credit card: payment is immediate and you can download the Payment and enrolment receipt from the CISIA student area immediately.
  • MAV: this type of payment takes 72 working hours to process therefore you must return to the CISIA student area to download the receipt; payment with MAV is only possible if you entered your tax code during the registration to the TOLC area.

The following information is stated on the Payment and enrolment receipt:

  • Test date;
  • Entrance time in the classroom;
  • Examination centre.

Important: On the day of the test it is mandatory to bring your identity document selected when enrolling and the Payment and enrolment receipt.

How to register to the CISIA student area and book a TOLC